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Я люблю рисовать. Техники рисования

Автор: Морозов
ISBN: 978-966-180-496-7
Оригинальный регион: Украина
Язык оригинала: Русский
Дата выпуска: 2013
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112 pages


220x290 mm

This book reveals different painting and drawing techniques – from the most popular (such as gouache, aquarel, crayon, drawing inks) to original (such as clay art, drawing by transparent paper, natural materials drawing etc.)

This edition is interesting to children and adults. There is something interesting for every reader.


  • Introduction

  • How to draw a human being

  • Human's movements

  • Human's proportions

  • How to draw a suit

  • Head's proportions

  • Portrait

  • Let's examine volume and drawing angle

  • Drawing a subject

  • Bright ornament

  • Picture by dots

  • Picture by inks and pen

  • Inks, dry brush

  • Inks, brush

  • Sketch by inks and brush

  • Blots and stains drawing

  • Magic stains

  • Drawing with coal drawing

  • Lead (graphite) pencil drawing

  • Colourful pencils drawing

  • Hatching by colourful pencils

  • Colourful pencils. “Frottage”

  • Aquarel pencils

  • Dry pastel

  • Oil pastel

  • Scratching drawing technique

  • Egypt motifs

  • Leaf imprint

  • Mixed techniques (aquarel, gouache, stamp)

  • Golden fish

  • Fall landscape

  • Summer trip

  • Ornamental composition

  • Mosaics

  • Gouache

  • Pictures by acrylic

  • Getting ready for the Holiday!

  • Still life by transparent paper

  • Marine landscape

  • Clay art

  • Clay picture

  • Wax chalks

  • Wax effect

  • Wax still life

  • Words – image

  • Planning, air perspective

  • Monotypy

  • Magic butterflies

  • Wet” Aquarel

  • Aquarel. Picture on dry surface

  • Aquarel

All copyrights are available for sales to any country.

We don't mind if a Publisher wishes to divide the book and publish it by parts.

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