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Аномальная зона

Автор: Александр Филиппов
ISBN: 978-5-7689-0297-1
Оригинальный регион: Россия
Язык оригинала: Русский
Дата выпуска: 2011
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Название книги - Аномальная зона

Автор - Александр Филиппов

Жанр - фантастический роман

Язык оригинала - русский

Число слов - 159982

Для широкого круга читателей 

С разными целями отправляются четверо наших современников в глухую тайгу. Журналист ищет "снежного человека", которого не раз замечали в здешних местах. К нему в поисках темы для будущего произведения присоединяется страдающий творческим бесплодием писатель. Возглавляет маленькую экспедицию проводник-охотник, который оказывается полицейским, получившим информацию о том, что где-то здесь незаконно добывается золото. Правозащитник на вертолёте с группой единомышленников летит над тайгой, чтобы развеять прах своего духовного наставника, бывшего узника ГУЛАГа, когда-то отбывавшего срок в расположенном здесь лагере. И вываливается из вертолёта...

Все они попадают в самый настоящий сталинский лагерь, ушедший в подполье по личному распоряжению Берии в 1953 году.

Как поведут себя наши современники, люди твёрдых демократических убеждений, в условиях тоталитарной тюрьмы? Что произойдёт, если потомственные узники лагеря, родившиеся и выросшие в нём, получат вдруг свободу? Сумеют ли они воспользоваться её в полной мере? На эти, а так же другие вопросы, стремится найти ответ автор романа Александр Филиппов. "Аномальная зона" не только развлечёт читателя невероятными приключениями наших современников в дебрях глухой тайги, но и заставит задуматься о прошлом, настоящем и будущем России...

Выдержки из оригинала:


Alexander Filippov

Anomalous zone

The story contains 32 pages.

The heroes of the story - four of our contemporaries – the policeman, journalist, writer and liberal activist arrived in the remote part of the taiga, which have long enjoyed a bad reputation among local residents.

The militia captain was looking for the gold mine , which was illegally developed , a journalist who studied the anomalous zone, where many times it seems to be seen "Bigfoot".The same writer looking for topics of stories.The human rights activist with colleagues flying in the same spot on the helicopter to dispel over the taigathe ashes of his spiritual mentor, a former prisoner of the main administration of camps and places of detention (also calledGULAG).All of them, except amilitia captain, were adherents of democracy and condemned the totalitarian era of Stalin's rule.

In the end, all four get in the prison camp, which have been preserved in this remote area of the taiga.The camp was conducted industrial gold mining, operated a secret laboratory in which the experiments were carried out, which started in the 20-ies.

The purpose of these experiments was the creation of the new man isaworker and warrior, not burdened with intelligence. The camp went underground immediately after Stalin died in 1953. Stalin did not die a natural death; he was killed by direct order L. Beria, which in those days was the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers. Still leads the head – to 98-year-old Colonel Marzipanov, which is the grandfather of liberal human rights activist, led the camp.

All four of us quickly adapted to the conditions of the GULAG.The liberal, human rights activist Marzipan - grandson wore the uniform of the guard, and became Deputy Camp commander for educational work with prisoners.

A journalist, a biologist by training, began working in the secret laboratory.

In the Lab has successfully bred synthetic man who possessed great physical strength and intelligence as a child.These people used to work in the mine, which produces gold.The writer initially had no luck. He had to work hard in a clay pit. Soon, however, and his ability came in handy.The task of the administration of the camp, he began to write plays educational values that put on stage for the prisoners.

Only a militia captain showed strength, refused to obey the camp rules. For this, he was sent to the mine, which employs «synthetic people» and the most unruly prisoners.

The camp more than 60 years existed only at the expense of mined gold, which secretly bought everything necessary for life support, as well GESA account free labor of prisoners and «synthetic people». However, the camp is already showing signs of decline and degradation.Soon the old Colonel Marzipanov died. The chief becamehis grandson. He tried to make a more liberal camp rules.However, the guards revolted.Then Marzipan freed prisoners. They went beyond the fence, and seized power in the camp.Meanwhile the militia captain using a "synthetic man" have found the way out of the dungeon at will and ran away from the camp.

He made it to the regional center, and reported to his superiors about the entire incident.However, the corrupt head of internal Affairs, militia General in no hurry to take any measures.He told about the secret camp to his boss , who was a wealthy businessman, local "oligarch".He decided to seize the richest gold field, and along with working in the camp of people.Soon arrived in the camp, the troopers are a private security patterns "oligarch".Criminals, who have seized power in the camp ruthlessly killed. The remaining prisoners announced that they are now free.However, they have to work to pay for food, accommodation in the barracks.

A former journalist and biologist back in the lab. The new owner of the camp plans to use "synthetic people" as donors for transplantation of organs for sick people.

Police captain refused to carry out criminal orders of the chief and therefore he was killed. Marzipanov inadvertently admitted "oligarch", that is going to tell the world community about the existence of Stalin's camps, and over the taiga was thrown from the helicopter.The writer began working in clay's career again.He wrote a book in which he admitted that the conditions in the camps, where guaranteed daily bowl of soup and a roof over my head, in General, is not so bad.For this we just need to obey, to follow the established rules. Then in captivity, you can feel quite happy...Roman "Anomalous zone" will not only entertain the reader incredible adventures of our contemporaries in the wilds of the taiga and make you think about the past, present and future of Russia.

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