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World Affairs Press

Country: China
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Established in 1934, World Affairs Press is an authoritative press with broad social influence. It publishes periodicals and books dealing with international issues. It is very popular and enjoys great renown among intellectuals as well as young readers. The six periodicals and numerous books play a unique historic role in helping the readers know more about the world and enabling China to go globe.

The Press’s translation publications mainly include academic works of politics, economy and culture as well as works of current affairs, military affairs, new technology and science, humanities and social science. It also publishes popular English readers. Auto-biographies and biographies it has published cover more than one hundred international celebrities of contemporary times. Many of the publications are key books considered as the State and the publishing industry as well or excellent fruits of domestic scholars, such as Serial Post-War Diplomatic History of Great Powers , History of International Relations , Diplomatic History of the People’s Republic of China , China’s Diplomacy , Cold War History , 5000-Year History of Chinese and Foreign Exchange , 10 Anecdotes of Diplomacy . The Press has also presented the translations of a number of foreign great works with authorized copyrights, such as The Rise and Downfall of the Third Riche , Document Collection of US Policy towards China , Collection of Classic Treatises on International Relations , Series of State Great Strategy , From Dawn to Decadence ── 500 Years of Western Cultural Life , Collected Works of Fairbank , Collected Works of Nixon , Kissinger’s Memoir , Stalin ── Triumph and Tragedy , Top-Notch Biographical Literary Works of Henry Troyat . They have been warmly acclaimed by intellectuals and young readers. While presenting classic works, the Press, concerned about its readers’ needs, spares no efforts in publishing popular readers, such as The Greatest Salesman in the World , Series of Foreign Conventions , Series of Ancient Civilization Exploration , That Guy is Really Cool , The University Of Success , Business Ethics . In recent years, for the purpose of matching the vigorous development of publication business of our press to become an important force in the book market, the reprinting rate is as high as 70%. Among the published books of various kinds, several have won in succession state-awarded prizes, national prizes for best-sellers and other rewards by agencies of or above ministry and provincial levels.

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