International Belgrade Book Fair
INBOOKER Online Book Fair
出展時間: 2014/10/26 - 2014/11/02
開催場所: Belgrade
The International Belgrade Book Fair is one of the oldest and most important literary events in the region. Its basic objective is enabling publishers, authors, booksellers, librarians, book distributors, multimedia companies and other participants to establish contacts, exchange experiences, do business deals and establish other forms of business and cultural cooperation. All publishers from Serbia and the most prominent ones from the region feature at the Fair their annual publishing production.In addition to the publishing program, an extensive side event one is organized at the Fair, as well: conferences, round table conferences, meetings with authors, public discussion panels, workshops... For the visitors, written word fans, the Book Fair is an opportunity to find at one place and buy at special prices the books they are interested in, as well as to meet their favorite authors and discover the new ones, attending one of many programs. The Book Fair is the most visited cultural event in Serbia. In 2012, there were 150,798 visitors at the Fair. [1] Based upon the organizer's data, in 2012, the Fair was followed by 1.275 accredited journalists, of which 71 were international.[1] According to a research conducted by the Strategic Marketing among Belgrade citizens in 2010, the Book Fair was proclaimed the greatest brand of Belgrade. The Belgrade Book Fair was set up by the City of Belgrade, it is managed by the Book Fair Council and the Executive Organizer is the company Belgrade Fair. The Fair is traditionally held in October, in Belgrade Fair Halls 1, 1A, 2 and 4, at the space of about 30,000 m² and it is 8 days long.
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マレーシア Islamic Book Trust / 出版社 / 宗教出版 連絡先
ロシア Писатель Сергей Карамов / 作家 連絡先
ロシア Writer Sergey Karamov / 作家 / 散文著者 連絡先
ロシア Natalia Ilina / 作家 連絡先
ウクライナ ARTCARDBOOK / 出版社 連絡先
イタリア Enrico Taddei / 作家 / 詩人 連絡先
ロシア Фонд "Родное пепелище" / 出版社 / 総合出版 連絡先
セルビア KREATIVNI CENTAR / 出版社 / 児童の出版 連絡先
中国 Sichuan Children's Publishing House / 出版社 / 児童の出版 連絡先
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