Bangkok International Book Fair
INBOOKER Online Book Fair - Bangkok
出展時間: 2014/03/28 - 2014/04/07
開催場所: Bangkok
The Bangkok International Book Fair is not only the most dynamic fair, but it is also the hub of book markets in South East Asia. BKKIBF is the gateway of book fair in ASEAN Country. This is a good occasion for anyone to learn the growing book market and to meet local & international publishers from Europe, Asia, and America. The major objective are to initiate and promote the role of Thailand as the buying and selling of copyrights hub in this region, to provide a global meeting place for the exchange of ideas for the printing and publishing industry, and, to create a market place for domestic and overseas publishers. The book is a great way to enter the world of creation science. The application of intelligence to work effectively at all levels. The event will bring together enormous amount of visitors and exhibitors from the related field, under one roof. The expo, in this year, is proposed to offer everything that is absolutely innovative and all the most exciting in the world of books as well as valuable services and knowledge that will help the buyers and sellers of books.
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ロシア Писатель Сергей Карамов / 作家 連絡先
ロシア Writer Sergey Karamov / 作家 / 散文著者 連絡先
マレーシア Oyez!Books / 出版社 / 児童の出版 連絡先
中国 Guangxi People's Publishing House / 出版社 / 総合出版 連絡先
ロシア litcenterspb / 出版社 連絡先
中国 Publishing House of Electronics Industry / 出版社 / 総合出版 連絡先
中国 Foshan yingcai printing co.,ltd / 他の企業 / 印刷所 連絡先
日本 日経BP社 / 出版社 / 雑誌出版 連絡先
中国の台湾 UEI SHIANG CO. / 出版社 / 総合出版 連絡先
ドイツ dbv German Book Publishers GmbH / 出版社 / 学術出版 連絡先
スペイン Editorial Ecu / 出版社 / 総合出版 連絡先
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