Tehran International Book Fair
INBOOKER Online Book Fair - Tehran
出展時間: 2014/04/30 - 2014/05/10
開催場所: Tehran
Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) Is known to the International Publishing World as the most important publishing event in Asia and the Middle East. It is a place where the publishers directly supply books and negotiate for their future business. It is a venue for exchange of ideas and a commercially valuable exhibition as a business. More than 2,500 domestic and 1,700 foreign publishersattend the exhibition and more than 5 million peoplevisiting the exhibition every year. Iran Cultural Fairs Institute is resposible for organizing the book fair on behalf of Cultural Minstry and Islamic Guidance. The 27th edition of Tehran International Book Fair will be held on 30April-10 May 2014.
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ロシア Писатель Сергей Карамов / 作家 連絡先
ロシア Writer Sergey Karamov / 作家 / 散文著者 連絡先
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スペイン Editorial Ecu / 出版社 / 総合出版 連絡先
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