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Global Game Change: How the Global Southern Belt will Reshape Our World

ISBN: 9787515811765
Paese originale: Cina
Lingua originale: Inglese
Data di pubblicazione: 2015
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Global Game Change

                    How the Global Southern Belt will Reshape Our World





The book

We have the pleasure of introducing John and Doris Naisbitt’s new book Global Game ChangeHow the Global Southern Belt will Reshape Our World. It has already sold 25,000 copies in one and a half months and ranks in several bestseller lists in China. Like Megatrends in 1982, Global Game Change captures the essence of our time presenting a vital roadmap to navigate successfully through the transforming global lanscape. The authorsAmerican and European background, their frequent travel and speaking to audiences in Europe, the US, Latin America, Asia and Africa allows them to draw their conclusionsfrom research and experience on the ground. For the reader Global Game Change replaces the seemingly chaotic world with a vision of the future. It enables entrepreneurs, corporations and governments to reposition effectively under new global conditions.


Table of Contents

Chapter OneThe Global Southern Belt: From emerging economies to global players

Chapter Two  Africa-Asia-Latin America: New economic alliances and international organization


Chapter ThreeChina’s the game changer

Chapter Four  Governance: Performing under changing condition

Chapter Five   Cities: The global game makers


The authors:

Since his book Megatrends, a number one New York Times bestseller which sold more than 14 million copies worldwide, John Naisbitt’s books have been regulars on international bestseller lists. Doris Naisbitt has been managing director of a German language publishing house, columnist and author of two books on bridging Western and Chinese culture.

Beginning with China’s Megatrends, John and Doris Naisbitt have published three books focusing on China as co-authors. With Global Game Change John and Doris Naisbitt have returned to the global picture. The well written book gives easy access to a complex subject.


In a parallel to the global transformation from a westerncentric to a multicentric world the authors have decided to leave the beaten track of books traveling from West to East. This move allows us to present Global Game Change successfully to global markets. Global Game Change has already sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia & New Zealand, South Africa, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, India, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. Do not miss this opportunity. 

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Altri ( Cina ) E Casa editrice ( Cina ) in corso di trattativa 2016/03/20
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