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Autore: Phil & Gillian Kerslake
ISBN: 978-0-473-21651-1
Paese originale: Nuova Zelanda
Lingua originale: Inglese
Data di pubblicazione: 2012
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My Dad has thick hairy arms, legs and a hairy chest so he’s almost like a monkey that needs a fur cut! Georgia, 10

My Dad is tall and thin. His head is roughly shaped like a pineapple. Overall my dad is the coolest dad ever and that’s all that matters. Thomas, 11

Dear Dad, You eat heaps for dinner but you come home late and look like Homer on the Simpsons. You don’t have much black hair left so I think you’re getting old. Becky, 7

Dear Dad, You should shave more often and don’t come home from work so late! Also, why do you have a hairy tummy and hairy nose? Meadow, 6

My Dad likes to relax with a book and then falls asleep with the book on his face. When he forgets things I just want to say ‘oh Dad your such a dizzy grey!’ Sophie, 10

Casa editrice ( Cina ) E Autori ( Nuova Zelanda ) in corso di trattativa 2013/09/24
Altre società ( Canada ) E Autori ( Nuova Zelanda ) in corso di trattativa 2012/09/21
Autori ( Nuova Zelanda ) E Altre società ( Canada ) in corso di trattativa 2012/09/21
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