Book Expo Australia
INBOOKER Online Book Fair - Sydney
Anfangszeit des Buchmesse: 2014/08/30 - 2014/08/31
Standort: Sydney

Book Expo Australia (BE Aus – pronounced as B Oz) is where the avid reader comes to meet known and favourite authors and find new and emerging authors. Their creative offerings will encompass all genres, crime, fantasy, urban fantasy, chick lit, thriller-action, contemporary, children’s, YA and all other genres. Non-fiction will be covered across all interests; business, fitness, self help, craft cookery, military history, poetry, travel and biography. Plus, eBooks, audio books, graphic novels and comics and more will all have a place at the expo. If it can be written, it will be at BE Oz

Teachers, librarians and parents can uncover new books to excite younger readers and you can explore innovative learning methods and technologies to help those reluctant and challenged readers.

On show will be modern technologies and for those with impaired eyesight, you’ll find new ways to enjoy books. If you want to read faster, there will be something for you: all this can be investigated and tried.

Everything book related and things to aid and add to your reading enjoyment can be found at Book Expo Australia.

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