The Jerusalem International Book Fair
INBOOKER Online Book Fair - Jerusalem
Anfangszeit des Buchmesse: 2015/02/08 - 2015/02/13
Standort: Jerusalem

About the JIBF:

First held in 1963, The Jerusalem International Book Fair is a unique biennial event, renown not only as a business Fair but also as a prestigious and important cultural event. Many heads of renowned publishing houses, agents, sales personnel, foreign rights representatives, editors and authors participate there. With the attendance of 600 publishers and authors from more than 30 countries, it displays more than 100.000 books in different languages. The 27th Jerusalem International Book Fair will be held February, 2015 (exact dates to be announced).

One of the Fair's important events is the awarding of the prestigious Jerusalem Prizeto a writer whose work best expresses and promotes the idea of the ''freedom of the individual in society''. We are proud to have awarded The Jerusalem Prize to five writers who have afterwards received the Nobel Literary Prize. The 2011 Jerusalem Prize was awarded to Ian McEwan.

The Fair's unique Editorial and Agent Fellowship Programs invite a group of young promising and talented editors and agents to attend the Fair providing them a unique opportunity to meet their international contemporaries, exchange ideas, learn from each other about challenges they are facing and professional problems they have to deal with every day. The Program includes also seminars and international symposia on publishing today; social events and tours.

One of the Fair's top event for the general public – The Literary Café - offers open encounters between Israeli and foreign writers in a place designed as an actual coffee shop and as all the Book Fair events is free of charge.

Many literary encounters are also held at the national stands, where the participating countries welcome the Fair visitors to explore and enjoy the variety and richness of the world of international literature.

As well the JIBF hosts many international seminars and symposia dealing with wide range of subjects.

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