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Your Health in Your Horoscope: Introduction to Medical Astrology

Author: Stefan Stenudd
ISBN: 978-9178940219
Original Region: Sweden
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2009
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Please, do not trust this book more than your doctor! The ancient tradition of astrology is another way of looking at ourselves than the methods developed by modern natural science. It cannot substitute science any more than science can incorporate astrology.

The best use you can have of this introduction to medical astrology, Iatromathematics, is as an alternative perspective on your health. By examining your horoscope you shed light on the complexity of living your life in ways that agree with you the most.

Learn how your health is described by the Zodiac signs, the movements of the planets, their aspects, and the twelve astrological Houses. This book contains all the basics you need to get started on that exploration.

The book starts with a general introduction to astrology and the horoscope chart, their components and how they are used in astrological forecasting. This introduction actually suffices for the beginner to start exploring the horoscope chart and all its ingredients, not just on health issues.

Next is a thorough explanation of medical astrology, the way to use the horoscope chart in making predictions about health, by method of analyzing a birth chart as well as transits, the continued movement through time of the planets.

The book ends with in-depth readings of the charts of some celebrities, in regard to their health, serving as examples of how this astrological forecasting is done in practice.

About the Author:

The author of the book, Stefan Stenudd, is a Swedish author who has written several bestselling books about astrology since the 1970's. He has also written books about myth, life energy concepts, Ancient Greek cosmology, and the Japanese martial arts. His fiction, too, deals with cosmological and existential themes.

Excerpt from the origin:


Contents 5

Foreword 7

Your own horoscope 9

Astrology basics 21

The Zodiac 26

The Planets 35

The Houses 45

The Aspects 55

Your health in your horoscope 63

The Zodiac and your health 68

Planets and your health 88

The Houses and your health 110

The aspects and your health 121

The transits and your health 137

Diseases in your horoscope 151

Common cold 152

Cancer 154

Bone fracture 157

Allergy 158

Blood pressure 162

Obesity 163

Ulcer 165

Diabetes 166

Arthritis 168

AIDS 169

Star health horoscopes 173

Madonna 176

Justin Timberlake 179

Angelina Jolie 183

David Beckham 186

Barack Obama 188

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