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Why Italian Women Are so Fascinating

Author: Marta Copeiro del Villar
ISBN: 978-84-7556-682-5
Original Region: Spain
Original Language: Spanish
Publication Date: 2009
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Volumes: 1
Format: 15 x 21 cm
Pages: 176
Characters: 200 000
Illustrations: 50
Printing: full colour
Why Italian Women Are so Fascinating discovers the seductive power of the bel paese (beautiful country), and the secrets of women “made in Italy”. Perhaps they are not physically different from Spanish or Latin American women, but they have something special that makes them unmistakable. This book reveals their mystery, and pries into the feminine reality of Italy, so we can understand them better.
Publishers ( China ) and Publishers ( Spain ) are negotiating on this book 2013/03/18
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