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Wang Jucheng's "Shock" Fiction Series ( 5 volumes) by Wang Jucheng

Author: 王巨成
ISBN: 9787500798378
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2011
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The fiction series tells the story about children support each other and overcome disasters in devastating earthquake. Summer in Exile tells interesting stories of two young people during their summer vocation. Every Child is An Angel targets at young people with problems. Smiles under the Sun focuses on a field with less attention: country boy living in the cities. All these stories are of profound meanings related to society and growth which is very touching.

About the auhtor: Wang Jucheng is a writer of children’s literature. He once gained Bing Xin Children Literature Award, Chen Bochui Children Literature Award, Zijinshan Literature Award, Excellent Children Literature Award held by China Writers Association, etc.

Awards: 50 Public Favorite Books held by GAPP

Shock (I II)

When the earthquake broke out, six boys and girls were trapped in the outskirts. When in shortage of water and food and someone was injured, relationship between people became more delicate and complicated. In front of disaster, the kids depended on unity and trust and helped each other get out of the hell…
Shock (II) tells the follow-up stories of Shock about post-earthquake reconstruction.

Summer on Exile

Senlin who was constrained by strict and repressing parents announced that he was going to do something very big in this summer vocation. Will he exceed Gao Xiangfei because of this big thing and what will Gao Xiangfei do to challenge him?

Every Chind is An Angel

Ma Jin is a very smart and active boy who loves his school and teachers very much. Teacher Ye cherish his emotion while Teacher Guo judge her student only by their scores in the examinations. Therefore, Ma Jin, a good student in the eyes of Miss Ye became a problematic student for Miss Guo.

Smiles in the Sun

Gu Jiabao came to the city with his parents from the countryside. To ease his parents’ burden, he spent his spare time searching and picking up odds and ends from refuse which was not understood by his classmates. However, he ignored the sarcastic ridicule and finally earned respect from everyone.

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