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Author: Лесков С. В.
ISBN: 9785905693410
Original Region: Russia
Original Language: Russian
Publication Date: 2012
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The private investigator and his young wife go on holiday to the Black Sea , full of desire to have a nice time. But with a twist of fate they get stuck into criminal affairs that take place on the Black Sea , in Moscow and Voronezhskii Region. Only the professional training and friends’ help allows the heroes to evade death and to get themselves out of the jam with honor. The author of the book worked in the MIA agencies in the operatives from 1981 to 1992, graduated from the higher school of MIA of USSR , left the office as the superior operative of Criminal Investigation in 1992. After getting the license of the private detective, he works as a private detective till the present time. The book is addressed to those who love detective stories – to the people of any age and activities, who love romantics, adventures and real stories of our difficult time.

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