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Author: Madlen Namro
Original Region: Poland
Original Language: Polish
Publication Date: 2010
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What?’ he could have sworn his mother was starting to take leave of her senses again. ‘But father is not a Selector! He cannot make it with you lot! Does he even know what your kind is capable of?!’ His voice was growing loud with anger. ‘You don’t need to open doors, you just walk through walls like they were made of air! You don’t trek over mountains, you permeate them! You can make yourselves appear and disappear at will. You travel to the furthest places just like that, without shuttles, without spacecraft!’ He could feel sweat beading on his forehead. ‘You have x-ray vision. You observe disasters taking place on the other end of the world without as much as an ounce of effort. You reach inside objects without opening them! You can shape-shift, read minds, communicate by telepathy! Can he do any of that?!’ He drew breath heavily, shaking with anxiety, waiting to calm down before he could as much as say another word. ‘Your world is not meant for ordinary humans...’

II part of bestselling science fiction trilogy

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