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To Forgive or To Revenge

Author: Sergey and Dina Volsini
ISBN: 9785990221291
Original Region: Russia
Original Language: Russian
Publication Date: 2014
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Having appeared in glossy magazines in 2010-2013, the articles, written by Volsini couple, have created a great furor among the readers. With honesty, characteristic to the authors, they explain why good people face bad problems, what similar is between a prostitute and a respectable lady, what threats are for a man when marrying "the father's daughter", how fans destroy personal lives of celebrities and what is still unknown to traditional psychology.

The book includes the most interesting publications and new articles, which are published for the first time.

About Sergei and Dina Volsini

Since 2005 Volsini couple has been engaged in coaching, as well as has been writing the articles in which the authors examine the effect of inherited patterns and feelings on human life.

Since 2008 they have started writing and publishing books. In the books the couple popularly sets out the principles of their techniques and offers some practical advice for solving problems in many different areas of life.

Extensive experience with people has become the basis for stories of their fiction books "Funny Stories about Anton Ilyich", "Storm on Crete", "Alina", which tells us about the vicissitudes of the relationship between man and woman in the modern world.

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