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This is America

ISBN: 9781614725718
Original Region: United States
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2014
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Perfect for SAT students, This Is America: A Short History of the United States, the latest in Berkshire's acclaimed "This World of Ours" series, is a unique and very short introduction to the United States of America, a nation that in recent history has been the most affluent, influential, and powerful on Earth, known for innovation as well as for its belief in its own "exceptionalism."

As the balance of global political and economic power shifts, this book will help US citizens see their homeland more clearly and will give people elsewhere a more nuanced view of the "beautiful country" — the literal translation of 美国 ("Měiguó"), the name for the United States in Chinese.

In seven short chapters, and less than 250 pages, the reader will learn the essentials about the nation usually referred to as "America" — from prehistory and early settlement through the twenty-first century, followed by an overview of the key concepts and debates that continue to shape the United States. Students and teachers will find this concise work an important aid to better understanding of the United States and its evolving position in world affairs.

Other titles in the series are widely used in high schools and colleges, and have been praised by eminent scholars and by business leaders including Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft.

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