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There lives happiness in the world

Author: Ольга Верасень
ISBN: 978-985-471-643-5
Original Region: Belarus
Original Language: Russian
Publication Date: 2013
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The book by Olga Verasen resembles a big bouse in which fairy tales live. At first the author wrote fairy tales for her three children, but they turned out to be very interesting and instructive for children and their parents as well as preschool and primary school teachers. 

Characters of the fairy tales are active, inquisitive, joyful, and sometimes a little bit sad. Together with young readers they grow older and learn to understand that every living being conceals its own Beauty, that good days make up good life, and small kind deeds - grand actions, and they will make many wonderful discoveries. 

These bright and wise fairy'tales, completed with excellent author's illustrations, will help children to preserve purity and light of soul, and adults - return to the fairyland of childhood. As one of the characters of the book, Pink Cat, wisely admitted; childhood will never disappear if people don't forget about it.
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