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The Ultimate Snowflake Collection

Author: Heilie Pienaar
ISBN: 9781431702978
Original Region: South Africa
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2012
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There is nothing more enjoyable than the aroma and taste of freshly baked foods. To experience this pleasure in your own home, The Ultimate Snowflake Collectionincludes a range of quick and easy recipes, from classic favourites to new and exciting treats. The book brings together an outstanding collection of sweet and savoury recipes for cakes, puddings, biscuits, tarts, pies, scones and muffins.

The reader will not only find traditional South African recipes that our grandmothers used to bake, but will also discover recipes in keeping with modern trends, making use of new ingredients that have become well known and liked, such as sun-dried tomatoes and cranberries. Fabulous egg-free sponges and bakes for some dietary requirements for specific consumers are included.

Basic skills and readily available ingredients are required to prepare these recipes. There is no need for fancy equipment or outlandish, expensive ingredients, yet there are plenty of exciting ideas and new recipes to keep you inspired.

For the novice baker there are many detailed basic techniques, practical tips and variations intended to help you achieve delicious and beautiful sweet and savoury bakes every time.

About the Author:

Heilie Pienaar is an experienced food writer, recipe developer and freelance kosstilis. Her role in the development of the recipes in this book, and the previous top-selling titles (Fresh and Flatervry and Better Baking with Snowflake) make her a household name and a trusted bakbron. Exceptional Snowflake Collection is her eighth recipe book.

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