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The Two Faces of Billy-O

Author: L T Birch
ISBN: 9781478714033
Original Region: United States
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2013
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When passion conquers the desire for vengeance!

Your sensitivity might be challenged if you choose to read this story about how a group of young vigilantes savagely attack the men that rape and murder innocent women and children. If you believe our justice system is soft on crime then you will like Billy-O and the organization that supports his team. Consider yourself warned that the revenge scenes are very graphic and the love scenes are very explicit. Hate and the desire for vengeance melts away when Billy meets Katy Ann during an assigned Castration and Kill near Columbia, SC. Katy Ann and Sara were caged in the basement of a lake house where they were sex slaves for two prominent plastic surgeons from Columbia. Katy Ann had been raped and tortured for 18 days when Billy pulled her from that cage. She vowed never to love another man. When Billy and Katy Ann met for a date months later the passion was intense. Sara rewarded the younger O-Men one year later in such a way that well it is a scene that you’ll never forget. There are some strange twists in the final chapters that lead to a sequel. Operation Sara follows The Two Faces of Billy-O with a more disturbing story of vengeance and more passionate love scenes. The stories are related but here again you are warned. If your sensitivity was challenged by Billy-O then you should run from Operation Sara.

About the Author:

LT Birch lives in Atlanta. He has a growing concern for young victims of sexual crime. He has vowed to make a contribution to his local Rape Crisis Center and challenges his readers to do the same. BOLO for PIMPS in the PULPIT and BLACK EARTH MOTHER- Coming soon.

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