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The Survey on China's Social Honesty Crisis

Author: 李松(Li Song)
ISBN: 9787504474223
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2011
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About the book:

The Survey on China’s Social Honesty Crisis, full of awareness of unexpected development, is a survey work featured by criticalness and constructiveness.

This book exposes fully the current situation of China’s social honesty with a special perspective and in-depth analysis, covering governmental affair honesty, business honesty, personal honesty, etc. And the topics in this title are focused on the most interested social hot-pot issues, including the being represented culture, fake statistic date, radish recruitment, food safety, fake officers’ education background, common-placed false certificates, illegal buying the affordable housing, surrogacy, the paper trading. When writing this book, the author feels so upset that cannot help thinking about it.

This book, cuts through the time’s appearance, puts aside the magnificent surface, is full of sharp views. This book marks the time that time humanity falling is approaching the bottom line. The author has nothing to do but to write them down.

About the author:

Li Song, born in Mengzi County, Yunnan province, is a member of Yunnan branch of Chinese Writers Association and Yunnan Poetry Association. The first half of his life was make up of reading, writing, thinking and walking. He began to work in the Xinhua News Agency in Feb. 2001, and then he became the internal reference editor, Beijing channel director of Xinhua net successively. Now, he who is good at giving us an in-depth report is the reporter of Outlook Weekly.

Mr. Li has published hundreds of works in Outlook Weekly, China Comment, People’s Daily, and Globe since 2005. Many of his works have become the Party School of the CPC Central Committer’s training material. And some of them got the award of Xinhua News Agency Excellent News Work Prize in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. Further more; his works also had a profound influence on society.

As an investigative reporter, Li, for a long time, is dedicated to the public social interest and people’s well-being survey. His reports combine sensibility with rationality, which can always grasp the major social hot spots, focuses and difficult issues.

His major works: The Survey on China’s Invisible Power (Huaxia Publishing House, 2011), Listening and Telling (Beijing Yanshan Press, 1999), Night’s Mark (Overseas Chinese Press, 1997).

Reviews & Endorsements:

The problems exposed by The Survey on China’s Social Honesty Crisis that we concern a lot, and the views need us to think about it deeply. A person without strong social responsibility has no courage to be realistic. Without the spirit of exposing the truth and the ability of insight, nobody can write such an excellent work.

——Gong Weibin, Professor and Director of the Research and Education Division, National School of Administration

The Survey on China’s Social Honesty Crisis shocks us. The person who cannot face the reality would rather to close their eyes. For this work, all the people cannot close their eyes as all of us has involved in the loss of honesty.

——Zhang Ming, Professor of development of political science of Renmin University of China

The Survey on China’s Social Honesty Crisis exposes and analyzes the lack of credibility in today’s China with scientific research and unique perspective. It not only strikes the alarm bell to the society in term of the honesty crisis, it also provides a solution to resolve the crisis in front of us.

——Ji Lianhai, Lecturer of Lecture Room of CCTV and a well-known history scholar

The Survey on China’s Social Honesty Crisis is thought-provoking, as it exposes the loss of honesty in today’s China rationally and profoundly. What the book attract the eyes of us lies in perusing of the human’s conscience not the narration of facts.

——Lu Zhaowang, Professor of Institute of Politics and Public Management, China University of Political Science and Law

A man cannot success without honesty; your business cannot last without honesty; a country without honesty is doomed to fall. The Survey on China’s Social Honesty Crisis conducts the research in a lot of industries. The cases in it are shocking; the comments are bold and impressive. And it gives all of us a warning. So I would like to appreciate, analyze and encourage each other with readers to build the honesty.

——Tan Fang, Founder and Editor-in-chief of Chinahaoren.com, Professor of South China Normal University


Openings/ the dialogue about China’s social honesty crisis

The government serves as a benchmark for the social integrity

Part one/ personal honesty: challenge the limits

1.Sequelae of Peng Yu case

2.The culture of buying and selling official positions

3.The phenomenon of pseudo experts

4.Who is damaging China’s philanthropy?

5.Officials’ fake credential test the social honesty

6.Rampant real space of fake certifications

7.Fraudulent purchase of affordable housing

8.Unspoken rule of power broker

9.Internet marketer does anything the can to make money

10.Cannot bear the burden of freeloading

11.Who does make the fake information in Weibo?

12.Surrogacy breaks the bottom line of moral

13.Expose the interests’ chain of recycling the medicine

14.Where do they go when the leaders retired?

15.Thesis gunner affects the academic circle

Part 2/ business honesty: suffering

1.What do we dare to eat in China?

2.Expose the inside story of Huntu

3.Intermediary organizations——the new main body of social corruption

4.The medical trouble, what for?

5.The phenomenon: micro-blog marketing

6.TV shopping: it is nothing

7.The problems in real estate market

8.Labor dispatching becomes a safe harbor for infringement

9.Fingerprint attendance inflect the loss of trust

10.Mobile phone bug: no privacy

11.Page charges damage the academic honesty

12.The red and black list of group buying

13.Underground trade: recruit fresh graduates from the outside of Beijing

14.The problematic billionaire pay the cost for the loss of honesty

15.The public question the credibility of he Corporate Social Responsibility Report

16.The Corporate Social Responsibility crisis chain

Part 3/ the government affairs honesty: where is the bottom line

1.Compete with the people violates the Oath

2.Official consumption becomes the power consumption

3.How many of us will be being represented?

4.The power behind the hearing

5.Why does the radish recruitment happen so frequently?

6.Question the credibility of the public opinion poll

7.Handled separately turns into the black hole in this way

8.Puzzle of the statistic dates

9.Myth of the illegal income of the civil servant

10. When the competitive election will put into place

11. The problems behind the official documents

12. Where are the reserve cadres?

13. Government-run festivals reveals the hunger for achievements

14. How the employment rate myth is created?

15. The things about the evaluation on

16. Interests black hole of the exams

Part 4/ the general report on crisis

The honesty crisis shakes the foundation of the social stability

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