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The Sound of the Tang Dynasty

Author: Dong Botao
ISBN: 978-0-9924338-6-4
Original Region: Australia
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2015
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The Sound of Tang Poetry is compilation of 102 lovingly translated, timeless and quiescent poems:

Wind- Where is the wind? It’s with autumn leaves falling. Where is the wind? It’s with spring flowers blooming. Where is the wind? It’s with waves roaring. Where is the wind? It’s with bamboos dancing.

Poetry of the Tang period fusing aesthetics, history and philosophy – at once evocative of ancient Chinese culture and deeply relevant to contemporary concepts of beauty and nature, where less written reveals more.

Foreword by; Nicholas Koss; ex dean of the college of Foreign Languages and Literature, Fu Jen Catholic University Taiwan (a renowned scholar and translator, well versed in Chinese and English).This volume belongs in the libraries of all serious readers. NB, poems are in English and original Mandarin script.

Keywords: English Poems, Life Poem, Inspirational, Chinese Language, Small Poems on Nature

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