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The Silk Road: Archaeology and History of Inner Eurasia

Author: 刘文锁
ISBN: 978-7-311-03519-8
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2010
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In this book, a collection of papers, the author explored some is­sues discussed in the Inner Eurasian studies, with the theme of the Silk Road, through using deeply archaeological materials and historical recordings either in Chinese or in local languages. The author's contri­bution is at, by integrating the archaeological materials old and new and the relevant researches made by international scholars, the proposing of new questions for studying and the reconsideration to some old issues and also the publication to some new discoveries. It concerns such parts as: the nomadic archaeology of Eurasian Steppe; the archaeology and history of ancient Khotan; the unearthed documents from ancient Western Regions; the academic history of Inner Eurasia, etc.
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