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The Secrets of Happy Relationships

Author: Irina Udilova, Natalia Rodionova
ISBN: 9785957325567
Original Region: Russia
Original Language: Russian
Publication Date: 2013
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Do you want to keep a happy relationship, feel your partner’s love and affection, get gifts and flowers? Do you want to turn your relationship into the source of inspiration, making your wishes come true? It’s possible!

Irina Udilova and Natalia Rodionova, specialists in family and couple relationships, explain what it takes to create an ideal family and what mistakes partners often make.

The authors suggest 57 steps to improve your relationship. There are a lot of nuances that are important and you will find easy methods to make sure the family is happy: stop being critical and show your care, bring in creativity, follow family traditions, respect the ‘living pace’ of your partner. There are no unimportant things in a relationship. Thoughtlessness, rudeness, a two-minute tantrum can make the whole family miserable.

The authors are sure that even if you use just a few recommendations, you will be amazed by the great results.

Ирина Удилова

Irina Udilova

Irina Udilova is an expert in family counseling and chief coach in GRC Relationship Centres. Over the past 20 years Irina has been involved in helping people improve their family relationships. She has led over 100 workshops and over 350 couching programs.

Наталья Родионова

Natalia Rodionova

Natalia Rodionova specializes in children and family psychology, she is a coach and trainer in GRC Relationship Centres. Together, Irina and Natalia arrange workshops on creating intimate and loving relationships, as well as seminars about children’s behavior and personal development.

  • Tags: Popular psychology, Self-Help
  • Other: paperback, 208 pages, size 140х180 mm

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