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The Road to Business Success: Be Worth of 680 Thousand for Entrepreneurs

Author: 杨思卓
ISBN: 9787550206939
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2012
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The Road to Business Success: Be Worth of 680 Thousand for Entrepreneurs is a book that can answer all the business problems that make entrepreneurs confused. And this book will unlock an amazing journey which can make you succeed in doing business. What kind of business spirit we should uphold as the road of business is full of ups and downs. How to improve our operating performance amid fierce competition in today’s world? How to find the needed talents from a shortage of talent pool? How to achieve your company’s sustainable development? And the list can go on and on. Yang Sizhuo, a maser of management, explains answers to the questions that trouble bosses after he has been a private adviser for nearly one decade. For the first time, he talks bout 6 measures to master business. The 6 measures including as following; putting sincerity as a way, regarding coordination as a strategy, making management as a weapon, putting talents as a foundation, regarding rules as a main body and making culture as soul. Following the steps in this book and keeping putting those in place, you will see a big leap-frog in your business development and you will be a business leader in the new economic era. On top of that, this book will improve your leader ability.

Author Introduction:

Yang Sizhuo is a well-known leadership expert in Peking University. And he has a lot of titles, including chairman of Shenzhen Consultation Association, vice-chairman of Guangdong Association of Management Consultation, deputy director of Peking University Leadership Research Center, executive president of China Commerce Management Institute, deputy director of Peking University the Private Economy Research Institute of Strategic Integration and the expert host of the National Personnel Ministry Summit Forum on International Talents.

Mr. Yang has a great deal of experience as he takes different jobs, such as corporate executive, government official, university professor and management adviser. He practices the idea of “empowering people comes before thriving enterprise which comes before strengthening country”. Mr. Yang worked as a advisor in tens of leading enterprises, helping more than 300 corporations solve management problems.Chinese Management Consulting Manual , written by Yang Sizhuo, has been a reference book in consultation realm of China.The Black Diamond , a masterpiece of Mr. Yang, has been a management teaching model. In his clients, there are two Chinese top rich men and tens of industry leaders. Liang Wengen, president of Sany Heavy Industry, Wang Chuanfu, president of BYD Company, Yu Kejian, president of Jiuzhitang Pharmaceutical Company, Qian Zhimin, president of Guangdong Nuclear Power Group, Xu Shaochun, chairman of the board of Kingdee, and Liu Bing, general manager of Beijing Wangfujing Department Store, regard Mr. Yang as their teacher and both of them are delighted to be the students of him. Moreover, they give high commendation to him, for instance, valuable, interesting, effective and beneficial.

Projects presided by Mr. Yang including: HR consultation of Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute, organizational reform of Sany, strategic restructing of Shenzhen Nan You (Holding) Ltd, management system consultation of Sichuan Dazhou Commerce Group, Guangdong modern agriculture development strategy consultation, Shenzhen mobile training system development, attracting investment consultation of Sichuan provincial government and so on.

Clients: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, Nanning government, ICBC, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Sany, China Life Insurance, Amway, Guangdong Nuclear Power Group, Media, Guangzhou Subway corporation, Wangfujing Department Store and so on. As one of the first parties gained the ICMCI, Yang Sizhuo not only becomes a super advisor in this field but also pioneers consultation training courses. On top of that, his class is featured by rich expertise, sound course system, practical contents, incisive theory, humorous teaching style and splendid interaction. Six Dimension Leadership and To Be a Successful Entrepreneur are the most popular courses in EMBA of Peking University, Tsinghua University and Zhongshan University and in president class.

Professor Yang takes part in public benefit activities. He is the host of Sizhoushufang, advocating people to read more books.Leaders’ 15 Classes ,Manager’s 15 Reading Classes andThe Road to Business Success have been the top choices for leaders and high executives.Entering into Adulthood, You must know 6 Codes has gained popularity among young people and children. He is also the host of CBN, the Businessman in Shenzhen and Dialogue with Industry Leaders to promote the improvement of CSR.

Sizhuo Shufang Introduction:

Sizhuo Shufang is a program about book by CNR, and Yang Sizhuo, deputy director of Leadership Research Center of Peking University, is the host of this Program to give insights to the front-tier financial and economic works.

And Shufang becomes a good choice for entrepreneurs. It is locate in great-china square, CBD of Shenzhen. Exhibition center is behind of it and citizen center is in front of it. In there, you can enjoy wonderful scenery. The feeling just like a poem written by Tao Yuanming, a poet in China, that is living in a modern city with hustle and bustle life, but you are not disturbed by noise of chariots and horsemen.

Mr. Yang hosts the Shufang. And he welcomes all friends to discuss the books and teaches them something useful. Sizhou Shufang is very useful for someone who wants to be an excellent entrepreneur.

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