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The prince who crossed the farther seas and beyond

Author: Roberto Malo, Fco. Javier Mateos, David Guirao
ISBN: 978-84-940265-1-5
Original Region: Spain
Original Language: Spanish
Publication Date: 2012
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It was the time of the Great King, Oh, good king! The old king only had a daughter...  So starts this adventure a of a little kingdom, a sleeping princess, a visionary and a little problem that requires a marvelous hero, a strong, brave and handsome prince—although a clumsy, short and absent-minded one could do if there is no better one available. 

The prince that crossed the farther seas and beyond is a funny book that can be read, told or acted as a play, with the help of typography in different colours representing the various characters. Based in traditional fairy tale structure (three princes, three tests...), it is beautifully illustrated  in the manner of a picture book with some hints to the comic book, which helps attracting young readers.  It reached its second edition a few months after it came into the market. Schools have been using it for several theatrical activities, but it is also a good reading for children who are not fond of reading thick books but enjoy comics and picture books.
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