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The Pioneer of China Series--What the Rise of China Relies on

Author: 阎学通、吴文兵
ISBN: 978-7-5438-6459-7
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2010
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The pioneer of China series is written by five leading international experts. These books analyzed current events at home and abroad, not blindly arrogant, also not improperly belittle one, biting and penetrating. This book based on the theme of the rise of China and Chinese in the new international environment, analyzes and answers the problems from different aspects. In2025, the Dream of China is mainly focused on the history and extensive international comparison based on China’s future development.What the Rise of China Relies on mainly focuses on the fine detailed history and is of the rise of China’s required conditions.Global Challenges and China mainly focuses on the macro perspective, analyzing the international environment changes.Where China is Going starts from the direct feeling when the author was traveling around the world. It tells about the differences between China and other countries, analyzes barriers in China and points out the further development direction.Who the Chinese are mainly focuses on China’s increasingly strong background and searches for a suitable Chinese localization. Though each of the five books chose different topics, they connected together to reflect the historical juncture of China.It comprehensively illustrated a series of problemsof China and put forward a lot of present high perspicacity to shoutand blow the works crudely made to follow suit work.

The worldwide English copyright was already authorized to I.B.Tauris.

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