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The Moon Over Mountains Does Not Know What's In My Mind

Author: 辛夷坞
ISBN: 978-7-5054-2846-1
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2011
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The staunch and strong-willed Xiang Yuan lost her parents when she was a child and she learned how to struggle to change her fate. At the age 14 Ye Jianze who spent the innocent childhood with her was taken to a city by his father who had worked in the countryside and later had returned to a city. In love with Ye Jianze, Xiang Yuan hopes one day she will be with him and let herself and others around her have a happy life. Many years later Xiang Yuan realizes her dream in the bustling city. She has married to the man she loves and possesses wealth.
But she finds that people she loves and people who love her are leaving her. The novel known as the Chinese version of Red and Black presents a girl from a village facing the dazzling life in a modern metropolis.
The author Xin Yiwu, who is also the author of To Our Youth That is Fading Away and Here You Are Back Again, is acclaimed as a leading writer who belongs to the group who were born after 1980s.
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