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The Latest Threats

Author: Геннадий Русских
Original Region: Russia
Original Language: Russian
Publication Date: 2016
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This is a small story-dystopia. Events unfold after the Third World War in North America. A senior employee of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Ivan Belorossov comes with an international mission of the Red Cross in a North American state, destroyed by the war. They - nearly three dozens of doctors, psychologists, lawyers, military, had to deal with large and complex work - rehabilitation of prisoners of concentration camps, which was studded with the territory of North American states. Discover the territory of the once prosperous state concentration camps was a complete surprise. Satellites tracked that in the country there are strange movements and crowds in long "cardboard" barracks, fenced hedges. The command of the coalition has decided that it is displaced refugees, although there were advancing for the past several years. And only when fighting with other points of the planet have moved into the territory of the North American states, it became clear that the country previously kichivsheysya his freedom, it is not so simple.
Every day, the mission faced with dozens, hundreds of people of different nationalities, men and women who have been sterilized all the polls. Although age many of them were fifty and they looked much older than his years. As a rule - a deep, devoid of life gray hair that fell teeth, wrinkled skin, as if someone specifically put them mutilated rubber mask Koshchey and Baba Yaga. But the biggest mystery was the fact that the inhabitants of this camp went accelerated aging process.
Once the hero of the story conducted inspection in the next hut. And one of his patients seemed unusual, as though somewhere it is already visible.
"From the first minutes of our conversation I began to notice that the man glances at me with interest, even with a sort of greed. Issuing concealed excitement, something like a blush, he acted on his sunken cheeks.
Inexplicably his excitement transmitted to me. I intuitively felt that there will be something important and significant in that moment.
- You can speak? Are you okay? - I asked him gently.
- I'd like to see who is right. Yes you ask me to talk I'm fine - it was obvious that he keeps himself in his hands, while his sunken eyes lit feverish brilliance. And that makes me, for some reason, was not myself. I was worried this view, he said that my counterpart is at the peak of their mental stress. "Do no harm" - said in this case, doctors. Maybe he should postpone the conversation when people calm down. But what he so excited about?
- You are an American? - I said mechanically.
- No, Russian. But through the local I call him Gregory Smith.
- That ... is ... Grigory Kuznetsov? - I asked in Russian, raising his eyebrows in surprise.
- You is about something said? - With a question I answered Gregory.
- It is a lot ... - I said, stunned, not believing in his guess. Familiar features ... sniffing, sniffing - if ever a stuffy nose. And the forehead and the eyes, which still read willfulness and stubbornness. Really ... If my arms, legs and chest hitched today cardio sucker, the device at the end of the wires, probably would have burned off my stress.
- Do not bother. You ... you're a Ivan Belorossov? And I, yes, the same Grishaka Kuznetsov, as they called me to this stream at the institute. That's where svidetsya happened. "
Ivan remembers how it all happened. As his friend a few decades ago, when just about had to break out the global crisis has left migrant workers in North America. Just having to jump on the bandwagon last train emigration. After that, the country entered the rigid insulation and all contact was lost with Grigory Kuznetsov. In Russia, he had a wife and mother, which he wanted to take in, but did not have time.
And now it is weak, the sick man, almost an old man, and the main character will find out what happened to him over the years and endure another pain from the inevitable parting.

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