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The Kingdom of a Thousand Towers

Author: Daniele Lippi
ISBN: 9781794531451
Original Region: Italy
Original Language: Italian
Publication Date: 2018
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The Kingdom of a Thousand Towers is a fantasy novel set in a world where magic is powerful, where the gods give strength and power to their worshippers and in which different races and beings live together and fight.

An adventure which recounts the events of a group of adventurers that after retrieving and following the directions of a map, that turns out to be imbued with magic, end up by involuntarily triggering a centuries-old magically enchanted gear that now threatens to change forever the world as they know it, crush the City of Magic and give birth to the Kingdom of a Thousand Towers. The time to act and take difficult decisions has come for each of the adventurers as they face the ancient power they unleashed. A race against time that can be won only by cunning, steel, power and sacrifice.

Good for some is bad for the other and when the evil is not clearly visible, the challenge is double.

In this novel you will not find the usual story, though there is a threat it is not the classic demon, dark lord or master of evil who wants to subjugate the world to his will by conquering or destroying everything and everyone, but rather something more subtle and fascinating.

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