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The Kids Guide to Social Action: How to Solve the Social Problems (Dream It! Do It!)

Author: Barbara A. Lewis
ISBN: 978-1575420387
Original Region: United States
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 1998
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Inspire kids to choose the social causes they care about and take action themselves. Compelling, empowering, and packed with information, The Kid’s Guide to Social Action is the ultimate guide for kids who want to make a difference in the world.

First published in 1991, this book has helped thousands of young people get involved, get noticed, and get results. It has won awards from Parenting Magazine (“Outstanding Children’s Book, Reading-Magic Awards”) and the American Library Association (“Best of the Best for Children”). And now it’s even better.

· Step-by-step instructions show how to write letters, do interviews, make speeches, take surveys, raise funds, get media coverage, and more
· Real stories about real kids who are doing great things let readers know they’re not too young to solve problems in their neighborhood, community, and nation
· 25 reproducible forms make it easy to circulate petitions, initiate proclamations, and prepare news releases
· Ideas for working with government, including tips for lobbying local, state, and federal lawmakers, and for using social action skills with the courts
· Resources point the way toward government offices, groups, organizations, Web sites, and books.

Designed for kids to use on their own, this creative book is also ideal for schools, clubs, groups, troops, and youth organizations.

About the Author:

Barbara A. Lewis is a national award-winning author and educator who teaches kids how to think and solve real problems. Her students at Jackson Elementary School in Salt Lake City, Utah, initiated the cleanup of hazardous waste, improved sidewalks, planted thousands of trees, and fought crime. They instigated and pushed through several state laws and an amendment to a national law, garnering 10 national awards, including two President's Environmental Youth Awards, the Arbor Day Award, the Renew America Award, and Pledge and a Promise Environmental Award. They have also been recognized in the Congressional Record three times.

Barbara has been featured in/on many national newspapers, magazines, and news programs, including Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, Family Circle, CBS This Morning, CBS World News, and CNN. She has also written many articles and short stories for national magazines. Her books for Free Spirit Publishing—What Do You Stand For? For Kids,What Do You Stand For? For Teens, The Kid's Guide to Social Action, Kids with Courage, The Kid's Guide to Service Projects, The Teen Guide to Global Action,and The Survival Guide for Teachers of Gifted Kids—have won Parenting's Reading Magic Award and been named "Best of the Best for Children" by the American Library Association, among other honors.

Barbara has lived in Indiana, New Jersey, Switzerland, Belgium, Utah, and Poland. She and her husband, Larry, currently reside in Park City, Utah. They have four children: Mike, Andrea, Chris, and Sam, ten perfect grandchildren, and a forest of shy deer, a bold moose, busy squirrels, and feathered friends.


· Reading Magic Award —Parenting Magazine
· "Best of the Best for Children" —American Library Association


“The liveliest practical civics book for young students in print.”
—Ralph Nader

“This book is the most thorough handbook for citizen action we’ve seen in a long time.” —National Audubon Society

“A tremendously useful, well-organized, and inspiring book.”
—Children’s Television Workshop

Paperback: 211 pages

Product Dimensions: 22.2 x 1.4 x 28.6 cm

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