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The History of the world's literature

Author: Татьяна Протченко
ISBN: 978-985-471-954-2
Original Region: Belarus
Original Language: Russian
Publication Date: 2017
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Series of book the "Best schoolboy‘s collection"
160 pages
The book is written with a simple and clear language.
 Popular description of world artistic, philosophical and publicism works is complemented by not popular, at times unexpected facts and information, that extend the cultural range of interests and can become basis of quizzes, intellectual cross-words and games, and also will allow to diversify family entertainment.
• Wonderful design.
• Exciting maintenance with cognitive and developing accents.
• Systematization of basic kinds, genres and descriptive means of world literature.
• Presentation of the encyclopaedia systematized information on epochs and styles of world literature.
• Compact and clear description of every period complemented by interesting facts.

All history of development of literary writing work of man is briefly presented: from clay cuneiform tables, papyruse and parchment scrolls to the modern book products.

An accent is done on fiction (on prose and poetry) popular scientific and philosophical literature. Connection of literature is exposed with life of society and historical events. Deep influence of different religions is shown in it.
Many masterpieces of world’s literature are described. Works are not quoted, that simplifies translating of information about them into other languages.

"The History of the world’s literature" acquaints with Egyptiac and Hebrew literature, Old Testament, creations of Antiquity, early Christian literature, Ancient Iran’s and Ancient Indian literature, literature of India of different periods, medieval European works, and also European literature of New and Newest time, European works of epoch of modernism, books of epoch of the Age of Discovery. Creations of writers of Eastern Europe, Russia, Belarus are presented in edition, and also by ancient, medieval, new and newest Slavic literature. Noticeable authors and their works of North and Latin America, Australia, Turkey are described. Literature of Iran and Middle Asia, Tibetan literature, work of nomadic tribes of East, sanskrit literature, is shown in a book also. Labours of philosophers of Ancient China, literary traditions, are expounded in separate heads, Tang and Sung Dynasty in China, Chinese literature of New time, development of Japanese literature is shown. Two chapters are taken to Korean literature, they illustrate the different periods of it’s becoming and development.

After reading of this book young readers will learn deeper to understand and value the ideas of writers of different epochs, why writers choose one or another plots of works and artistic expressions. They will become acquainted with the different genres of literature: by an epos, novel, story, short story, bylinas, comedy, tragedy, poems, songs etc. Readers will learn to determine the personal touches of different literary directions. This edition is intended for the children of middle and senior school age, and also be interesting for a wide reader audience. It should be noted that the well structured and systematized "living" material is given on a background the quality images of classic works of art and portraits of the greatest writers. The Edition "History of world’s literature" it is called to attach a schoolboy to literary heritage of humanity, to develop his aesthetic taste, encourage aspiring to creation. Books of series the " Best schoolboy‘s collection" will be useful to not only the young readers but also their parents, teachers of high school, aspiring to diversify the lessons, and also all, who wishes to widen an outlook.
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