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The History of the Development of Chinese Philosophy (The Pre-Qin times)

Author: 任继愈(Ren Jiyu)
ISBN: 7-01-002778-1
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 1983
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This book is the first volume of the large-scaled multiple-volume books The History of the Development of Chinese Philosophy edited by Mr. Ren jiyu.

This volume expounds the development of philosophy in the Pre-Qin times. It mainly deals with the following subjects: 1.the development of the thinking in Chinese primitive society and the early stage world outlook, 2. the religious changes during the Song and Zhou Dynasties, 3. the philosophical thoughts at the Spring and Autumn Period, 4. the philosophical thoughts of Confucius, Mo Zi and Lao Zi, 5. the carrying forward and development of Confucianism by Mencius, 6. different methods of social feform adopted by the states at the Warring Period, and the formation and characteristics of Guan Zhong’s theory, 7. Zhuang Zi’s theory and the changes of his thoughts, 8, the ideological trend of debating name and actuality at the Warring Period as well as the philosophy and logic of Mohism at its later stage, 9. the development of philosophical thoughts from the Book of Changes to the explanation of the Book of Changes and the philosophical thoughts of Xun Kuang and Han Fei.

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