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The Great Settlement. Beginning

Author: Костарев Сергей
ISBN: 9785000392232
Original Region: Russia
Original Language: Russian
Publication Date: 2016
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It is the first book in a series of Sergey Kostarev’s books about life of people in future, people who found their home outside of Earth. Realistic fiction about the future — the books of Sergey Kostarev describe the events of one possible scenario of human development of new planets in the universe. The main character of the fantastic saga “The Great Settlement. Beginning” Artur Berkov, who is a former sharpshooter of the Russian army, and now a simple bank clerk, goes to live to a beautiful planet named Avitel, where he builds a new house, finds his love, friends, and together with other settlers fights in the cause of his happiness and planet’s independence. The book will be interesting for a wide range of readers over 16.

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