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The First Night of the Rose

Author: 明晓溪
ISBN: 978-7-5104-1799-3
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2011
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The heroine Ye Ying walks out of the juvenile delinquent correctional institution. Penniless, she suffers the gnawings of anger and hunger, nursing thoughts of revenge against the Yues. Therefore, she hatches a plot, which gives rise to a series of casual meetings. In carrying out her plot, she becomes a frequent caller of the Yues and all this is caused by the second son of the family. Ye Ying intends to revenge herself on the Yues, only to find herself falling in love with that family’s two sons. It is a fascinating story combining love and hatred, revenge and reward. It is worth reading for anyone who is interested in Chinese adolescent literature.

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