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The Devil in Ermine

Author: Isolde Martyn
ISBN: 978-0987384607
Original Region: Australia
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2013
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A KINGDOM FOR THE TAKING 1483: England has a new king – a mere boy – but who is to rule the kingdom until he comes of age? His ambitious mother, Queen Elizabeth Woodville, widow of King Edward IV, or his uncle, Richard, Duke of Gloucester? Into this impasse steps the eloquent and charming Harry, Duke of Buckingham, Richard’s cousin, but what are his true intentions? Here for the first time is Buckingham's account of that fateful summer when Gloucester became King Richard III. But of the two cousins, who is the statesman and who the villain? In this novel, rich in intrigue, Isolde Martyn, author of Mistress to the Crown, draws Richard III and Buckingham, two of history’s most enigmatic men, out from the shadows.
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