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The Commercial Press Chinese Word Dictionary for Primary School Pupils

Author: 商务印书馆辞书研究中心
ISBN: 9787100066556
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2009
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This dictionary is based on the corpus of primary school text books. With 4600 references in total, the dictionary covers 7 text books in the Chinese language teaching for primary school students. The dictionary provides the number of strokes, radicals and structure to every Chinese character. The definitions are easy to read. Special sections like “Vocabulary”, “Notice”, “Analysis”, “Related Knowledge” and “Illustrations” are also given. The Vocabulary section gives compound words, sometimes three-syllable words and idioms. The Notice section points out the fallible part of the shape, pronunciation and meaning of the Chinese characters. The Analysis section differentiates the characters of similar forms, different pronunciations and similar meanings. The Related Knowledge indicates the etymological information and the Illustrations section has 80 pictures helping readers better understand the definitions of the headword. Apart from all these features, the dictionary also has nearly 10 appendices.
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