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The Boy Who Lived Locked Up in a Room

Author: Antonio Lozano / Álvaro Colomer
ISBN: 978-84-683-0716-9
Original Region: Spain
Original Language: Spanish
Publication Date: 2012
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“Hi, it’s Nerea and I’m writing you this because my brother has disappeared. I found your name in the list of contacts that “The Shadow” had added as a friend. The last thing my brother did before disappearing was adding this “Shadow” to his friend’s list on Facebook. If I’m not wrong, all the profiles who added it are now inactive, but yours. Please, get back to me asap, I’m a bit scared. Thanks, XX.” This is how starts a very fascinating thriller where Nerea, a teenager too brave for his age, and Derek, a young boy who suffers from agoraphobia, have the only key to save six missing guys. In a race against time, Derek and Nerea, will develop a research on their own. He knows all the hidden secrets and languages intricacies of the Net while she can be his legs and his eyes on the outside world. And, by the way, what a couple of eyes! By the dint of seeing each other on Skype screens, between Derek and Nerea emerge something that will go beyond the struggle to save those boys. Something that will be definitive to intercept the terrible plans of "The Shadow."
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