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The bewitched cat

Author: Paolo Cossi, Massimiliano Frezzato
ISBN: 9788896971260
Original Region: Italy
Original Language: Italian
Publication Date: 2013
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A cat, a normal cat, even a bit' shabby and threadbare, one day remains bewitched. 
But this evil is not complaining: maybe he's in love with, certainly charmed by such a kitten.
Then endeavors and asks the witch, her friend, to become sorcerer, to learn the trade,
the secret, or at least a potion. But...

Paolo Cossi (Pordenone, 1980).
His books have been translated in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Korea, Norway and Spain. In 2009 the Parliament of the French Community Belgium gives the prize Condorcet-Aron for democracy for Le Grand Mal (Dargaud, 2009). Massimiliano Frezzato (Turin, 1967) sees published his first work on magazines since 1985.
Between 1994 and 1998 teaches comics and editorial illustration at the European Institute of Design of Turin
and at the "
Pictor" Art Academy. In 1996 he published the first volume of the saga
I custodi del Maser (Pavesio), which will keep him busy until April 2005.
The saga is published in several countries including France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany,
Belgium, and United States. Among the many works are still Tour de France (Pavesio, 2006), Pinocchio (Edizioni Di, 2009)
and Too much fantasy on Motherflower (Pavesio, 2012).

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