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The Art of China Wuqiang Nianhua

Author: 薄松年(Bo Songnian)
ISBN: 7-5310-2312-1
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2006
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Nianhua(Spring Festival pictures) is a special type of painting in China. It is used during the Spring Festival. Wuqiang County is one of the most important nianhua producing areas in China. Nianhua has a long history in Wuqiang. In China, Wuqiang Nianhua ranks first not only for its distinctive local characteristics but also for its richness and variety.
This book is a collection of Wuqiang Nianhua. It goes back from the origin of Nianhua in China. More concretely, it summarizes Wuqiang Nianhua’s artistic characteristics and classifies Wuqiang Nianhua according to content.
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