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The Art of Being a Parent

Author: Marusya Svetlova
ISBN: 9785957326120
Original Region: Russia
Original Language: Russian
Publication Date: 2013
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This book is about conscious parenting. We all should know how to raise a child consciously and understand what we doing. You will be able to get rid of many false assumptions and learn some true methods to harmoniously educate your child.

Quite commonly, a child’s confidence gets replaced by an adult’s sense of insecurity. How and why does this happen? Why do active children turn into passive adults? Why a child’s trust turns into mistrust later in life? What’s wrong with our methods of upbringing – although children do change as they grow up why do they often change for the worse?

What should we do to let them become better people: strong and confident, mature and responsible? How can we help them live a bright, independent and interesting life?

This book will explain all the tendencies and consequences of our influence and the process of education.

You will be able to avoid some common mistakes most parents make and get on the same wavelength with your child.

The author gives an answer to a very important question: how do you get your children to become how they are, and what should we do to help them grow up into the best and most exciting people they could be?

Маруся Светлова

Marusya Svetlova

Marusya Svetlova is a psychologist and author of unique self-development programs, helping people to build harmonious relationships and regain health.

She graduated from the Department of Psychology (Moscow State University) and also studied in Russian-American School of Psychiatry.

Marusya has been consulting people for over 20 years; also she has been giving seminars and workshops in Russia and Ukraine for around 12 years.

Marusya has written 14 books, including fiction works and books on popular science and self-help.

  • Tags: Parenting, Popular psychology, Self-Help
  • Other: 368 pages, size 130х200 mm

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