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The Architecture and Culture of Yuelu Academy

Author: 杨慎初(Yang Shenchu)
ISBN: 9787535716002
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2003
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Yuelu Academy is one of China's four major famous ancient academies and is listed as one of the major historical sites under state preservation.

The book consists of introduction, historical changes, a list of architectural works and monograph. It explicates all-sidedly and systematically the historical development of Yuelu Academy, gives a general account of its recent restoration and the characteristics of its literati-styled architecture and further explores the cultural connotation of the academy architecture. As many as 800 latest artistic photos and technical and historical pictures have been collected in this book. It displays in Chinese-English and with vivid illustrations elegant and magnificent ancient academy architecture and the detailed features of its gate and wall, corridor and gallery, courtyard and garden, and pavilion and the temple.

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