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The Aphrodite Agenda: Mankind is Slowly Becoming Womankind

Author: Hakim Dream
ISBN: 9781478715283
Original Region: United States
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2013
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It's up to Womankind to save Mankind.

It is the year 2029, and fewer and fewer male babies are being born in the world because a deficiency of the ‘Y’ chromosome gene in the female reproductive gland. Atlanta base Pathologist Dr. Ivory Patella has discovered a cure to the deficiency and is on her way to New York to get it patterned and approved by the ADA for distribution. She is hindered by a series of untimely events and bizarre situations that prevents her from reaching New York with the cure. Dr. Patella must fight unknown forces that want a future without men, which would mean the end of civilization. Louisiana Senator Jed James Fontainebleau is the Great Incumbent to the seat of the presidency of the United States. The current president Doris Jamison, who is the first black female president in U.S. history, is finishing her second term. She mysteriously turns up missing while vacationing near her home town in Louisiana. Senator Fontainebleau is the prime suspect for the president’s disappearance, since he was the last person seen with her. He must find the president to clear his name, and in the process mend a pact that he has broken with the villagers of ‘Emakville’. If he fails it could start an unholy war and the beginning of the Aphrodite Agenda.

About the Author:

Hakim Dream is a New York native who lives in Harlem. He is an Army veteran, and a single father raising two young twin daughters on his own. In the span of twenty years he has been a Truck Driver, Greyhound bus driver, Bouncer, Comedian Performer, Security Guard, and aspiring Sci-Fi novelist. He is currently writing a fiction action saga about a wreaked future where no more male babies are being born in the world, and the first female black president of America is missing. He is also a big fan of the Knicks.

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