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The Analects of Confucius: An New Interpretation

Author: 幺峻洲(Yao Junzhou)
ISBN: 7-5333-1171-X
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2003
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The book is a popular version which systematically interprets the argumentation in The Analects of Confucius . It explains the profound thoughts and meanings of The Analects of Confucius in simple language.

Author details:

Yao Junzhou has been engaged in education lifelong, and after his retirement, he is dedicated to the studies of Chinese philosophy. The works Mr. Yao has translated and published include Value Form by Carl Marx and short stories by Hoshi Shinichi, a Japanese writer. Mr. Yao has written some works represented in Modern Neo-Confucianism and Modern Neo- Confucianists and Indexes to the Analects of Confucius .

Unique selling points:

1. The spiritual resources of the Chinese people are abundant and profound with the Confucianism the core, and the classic work of the Confucianism is The Analects of Confucius .

2. Confucianism is the origin of Chinese culture, and from Confucianism the Chinese culture develops and flourishes. By studying The Analects of Confucius , one can achieve the final aim of settling down and getting on with one’s pursuits and find a basis of value about how to conduct oneself in society.

3. The book conveys to readers the original meaning of the analects of Confucius through the interpretation. In this book the author quotes extensively and often shows his own unique viewpoints.

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