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The Adventures of Vince the Cat - Vince Goes to Paris

Author: Heidi Bryant
ISBN: 9781999331207
Original Region: United Kingdom
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2018
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English , French
This first story takes you on the journey of a little kitten called Vince, how he met a little girl who would become his lifelong friend.  In their first adventure they make some wonderful new friends, visit some 
famous and beautiful sites and start to learn one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

Excerpt from the origin:

While children were outside hunting for Easter eggs on a bright Easter Sunday morning, something magical was going on in the cupboard under the stairs at grandma’s house.

Misty, a lovely calm and purry tortoiseshell cat was having her kittens. The last of four kittens to be born that day was a very special little grey and white kitten.

Misty and her kittens were nestled into a box which Grandma had lined with an old curtain, she licked Vince and the other kittens, purring while she did....

Heidi made a special climbing post for him in the garden and she had hung some toys above it. She loved to see how Vince would climb up the post and then try to catch the little toys.

If he did catch them he would hang on for as long as he could and then drop down onto the grass only to run up the post again. Heidi loved the games that she played with Vince.

And so little Vince was beginning on his journey through life as Heidi’s very own kitten.

What was ahead of him?

Let's find out!...

When the big day finally came Heidi left home with Vince in his carrier basket and she had their passports ready. With the rest of the school party they boarded the Eurostar, a train that travels to France through a tunnel that goes deep under the English Channel. The train travels very, very fast at 160kmh (99mph).

They looked out of the speeding train’s window as they emerged into the sunshine in France, Heidi took Vince out of his carrier and hugged him tight. This was soooo exciting!...

Madame Walsh was in charge of the group and introduced Heidi to the little girl who’s house she and Vince would be staying at during their visit.

Her name is Christelle and she has a little cat so she said, “Bonjour Heidi!, voici mon chat. Il s’appelle Tigrou.” He was just the same age as Vince.

Heidi knew that Tigrou meant Tigger in English. The sweet little ginger cat had similar markings to those of the character in Winnie the Pooh. She said, “Bonjour Christelle, voici mon chat. Il s’appelle Vince.”

Christelle said “Très bien! Very good! Je suis très heureuse de te rencontrer.”

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