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The Adventures of Vince the Cat - Vince Discovers the Golden Triangle

Author: Heidi Bryant
ISBN: 9781999331238
Original Region: United Kingdom
Original Language: English
Publication Date: 2019
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This story takes you on a journey to one of the most incredible places in the world; India. A vast, beautiful, culturally diverse and ancient land. In this adventure Vince, Heidi and Jon visit some of the 
most famous and beautiful sites. They sample the local cuisine, meet endangered animals, experience an amazing and colourful Hindu festival and eventually they discover the Golden Triangle.

Excerpt from the origin:

Vince was very excited that he had taken his first trip to Paris earlier on in the year and now, although he could hardly believe it, he, Heidi and her friend Jon were on their way to India!

On the plane he had seen Heidi looking at a map “It’s about 4,650 miles.” Heidi said showing Vince and Jon on the map that she had been studying during the flight.

When they arrived they could not believe the heat and the noise that they encountered, it was like stepping into an oven, it was so hot...

Suddenly Vince saw a cat run towards them dodging through the cars and even jumping over some of them. She was making straight for them! Vince watched as the cat jumped over cars and trucks and around motorbikes until she landed right on top of the Tuk Tuk. The cat was called Anoushka and she popped her head over the canopy and winked at Vince who winked back. They asked the driver what Anoushka meant and he told them that it meant ‘one who fulfills dreams and aspirations’!...

The next morning, they all had to get up and leave their hotel very early to go to the train station. Vince was excited because he knew that they were off to join the Maharajas Express.

The driver who took them to the station said, “you’re so fortunate to be seeing India from the comfort of the ‘Maharajas Express’, it has everything you could possibly want on your journey to discover the ‘Golden Triangle’, I hope you have a wonderful time! India really is incredible!”

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