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Tangtang's Ghost Fairytales (4 volumes )

Author: 汤汤
ISBN: 9787500795766
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2010
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The poetic and kind "ghost" would be whom you neverhave met before. The romantic and moving "ghoststories" are beyond your imagination. The series would bring you an incredible experience.

The quite beautiful stories touch me because the most tenderness in my heart is moved. Many things require to be chewed, so I read through this book carefully. The plot arranged close enough, would take you into its own world step by step. This book is worthwhile to being chewed.——Reader Comment

I enjoy Tangtang’s books, because they are simple, warm and beautiful. I always shed tears along while reading them. The moving, delicate and emotional, is filled with my heart, and you can always find hope and an expect in her books.——Reader Comment

National Excellent Children Literature Award

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