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A Summer Full of Bubbles (1-3)

Author: 明晓溪
ISBN: 7-80187-991-0,7-80228-143-1,978-7-80228-329-9
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2007
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Both as orphans, Xia Mo and Luo Xi get to know each other in their step-parents’ home when they are young. They show strong sense of alertness. Luo Xi goes without hesitation to help Xia Mo and their brother out of trouble when they take part in a song contest over the TV, and the gap between them starts to be bridged. However, anxious to keep them separate from each other, Ou Chen, a young man from a rich family who cherishes a deep love for Xia Mo , sends Luo Xi to Britain for further studies.

Later, Luo Xi becomes a superstar in the music world, and Xia Mo is also contracted to a recording company. And it is then they meet each other once again, but Ou Chen loses his memory. What will happen next?

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