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Struggle Inevitable

Author: 一凉
ISBN: 978-7-5054-2148-6
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2009
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Qiao Xieyi split with her boyfriend Gu Jiazhen because her sister Qiao Shumo too loved him. She went to France and returned to China three years later when she heard that her sister had been betrothed to his former boyfriend.
Gu Pingsheng had lost his wife two years before and had a daughter Gu Siyan who managed the Gu’s Group. Because his daughter liked Qiao Xieyi, he developed an interest in her too. As he was to become part of Qiao Xieyi’s life, he learned of the relationship between Qiao and his brother Gu Jiazhen.
Thus, at first, the sisters tried to cover up their conflict, but later they began to struggle in secret or in the open. As Qiao Xieyi’s father was critically ill, the exhausted Qiao Xieyi received Gu Pingsheng’s protection. At the same time, she began to fight back against her sister. The triangular affair became open.
Read the story to find out how the sisters handled their relationship with the same man and if they achieved happiness in the end.
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