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Strategic Thinking

Author: 陈东升
ISBN: 978-7-5095-4693-2/F3800
Original Region: China
Original Language: Simplified Chinese
Publication Date: 2013
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About the Author:

He gets the doctor degree of economics from Wuhan University, is the proud disciple of Ph.D. Dong Fureng.

He is the originator of Taikang Life Insurance, China Guardian Auctions Co. Ltd andZJS Express Co. Ltd. His business covers the financial & insurance, art auction and logistics, and already being the top performers in each field.

He is the inventor and leader of 92 Clique, representative of the new Confucian entrepreneurs. He professes himself is an amateur of economics.

He is the director of the Yabuli Chinese Entrepreneurs Forum, establishes Economic Theory Innovation Award and Shing-Tung Yau Middle School mathematics Award.

He is honored with China’s Most Admired Entrepreneur, The Most Ideological Force Entrepreneur, The 5 Persons Who Probably Are Going To Impact On China’s Commerce In The Next 15 Years, The Most Powerful Entrepreneur Of Reformation – The Leader Of 92 Clique, and The Cover Star Of Fortune(Chinese Edition).


From a wish of Tokyo, to the 500 billion financial assets – powered carrier, how many pioneering works have to experience? And how many struggles have to insist on?

From just a little shop, to more than 4, 000 organizations in 31 provinces & municipalities across the country, how many difficulties and challenges have to face, rise and beyond?

From single business as life insurance company, to cover all the life insurance industry chains of large insurance & financial service group, how much painful change have to bear, rise and glory?

This is a book which narrates the real process of Taikang, records the layout of its real market during each developing stages.

This is a book full of exploring; it depicts the thinking and ideas from the creation of management business by a young economist.

This is a future – oriented book to discuss the vision of the blueprint “from the cradle to the heaven” of China’s life insurance industry.

Readers could find the coexistence and common prosperity between the company and the era in this book.

Also could know the layout from the macro perspective and foresight of the entrepreneur.

For more, could explore the waned, reform and expansion of an industry from theories to practices.

Times just like tides, enterprises get ups and downs. The entrepreneur is the dream maker, the preacher, also the spiritual leader. This book is the most original, most real candid recount by Chen Dongsheng – the witness of reformation, the practitioner of business and the thinker of economies.

Analyses of Selling Points:

Many of the author – Chen Dongsheng’s standpoints have won support among the people:

·Innovation is the forerunner’s imitation

·Venture to think big, whilst do trifles step by step

·The latest 3 big cases in 21st century – car, house, and insurance

·Buying insurance is kind of respect to life

·Insurance cares you from the cradle to heaven

· To make insurance more accessible and affordable, settle Taikang Life Insurance into part of people’s lives

·Aim to forge a new business model – energetic endowment, premium medical care, brilliant financial management and ultimate care.

·Pure target without distraction, just do right things. Time is the answer.

·Marketize & Specialize & Standardize & Internationalize

·3 years lead an enterprise to death or survival; 5 years just lay the foundation; 8 years establish itself; 10 years win a brand; 20 years to be giant

·China Dream means the rural people being promoted to city lives, whilst the townsfolk being bourgeois

·Only to stand at a height of 10,000 meters and 100 years of spatial & temporal observation of the world, then you’d get the vision and persistence


Learn and grow up in the market, Chen Dongsheng always spurs himself as a good student in business. Strategic Thinkingcould be the valuable material and case studies of researching the history of Chinese enterprises during the transition.

— Li Yining

Dongsheng, the leader of 92 Clique entrepreneurs, compared with the venture entrepreneurs around 1984 – like me, less of slapdash but more temperament in commerce. He owns solid academic training and is good at thinking and reflecting. Taikang is a dark horse among the insurance industries – it is really a good case of enterprise strategy. I am very much agree with the simple ideas mentioned in this book.

— Wang Shi

The number of enterprises in China is huge, but less at a professional level. In my observations, led by Chen Dongsheng, Taikang Life should be ranked one of the few high quality business teams.

— Zhang Weiying

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